Upgrading to a Standing Desk

Target Black Bar Table with 2 StoolsAching back, stiff shoulders, a sharp pain in the neck. Most of us know these symptoms all too well. Though our desk jobs necessitate sitting all day, our bodies haven’t evolved for a sedentary lifestyle.

A recent USA Today article suggests sitting for less than 3 hours per day could add 2 years to Americans’ average life expectancy. With such an incentive, we can certainly vow to watch less TV and amp up our exercise routines. Limiting the amount of time we sit when we need to be working, however, proves more difficult.

Faced with this dilemma myself, I recently ordered and assembled the above pub table from Target. Since the table is 45 inches tall and arrived with 2 stools, I have the option to sit or stand while working. I find myself sitting in the morning and standing in the afternoon. By alternating between the two, I can thankfully avoid some of the backache. When standing, I’m more likely to move around and stretch.

According to this Businessweek article, literary and political greats, such as Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, and Thomas Jefferson, saddled up to standing desks on a regular basis. And today, leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have incorporated some elevated workspaces.

Standing desks are not our only option. Recent articles indicate some companies are even incorporating treadmill desks. Amazing!

Increasing activity and resisting the temptation to sit is a constant, worthwhile struggle. How do you cope with your aching back and desk job?

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