The Wealthy Freelancer

The Wealthy FreelancerWhether you call yourself a freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur, you’ll likely find some useful information in the recent book, The Wealthy Freelancer. Authors Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia, and Pete Savage detail abundant strategies for improving the profitability of a solo business.

When embarking on the freelance career, many revel in the freedom and flexibility offered by the lifestyle. You are your own boss, so passion and self-initiative drive your everyday schedule. You control the types of projects your company accepts. Achieving the highly-sought-after “work-life balance” is much easier.

Not all aspects of the independent business life are joyous, however. The administrative and project management work are your responsibility. You must consistently market your services, even when at full capacity with billable work. Gone is the lovely cushion of paid time off.

Slaunwhite, Gandia, and Savage address each of these hurdles and more from their unique perspectives. All three are successful copywriters, but most of their tips apply to any profession. My favorite tenets from the book include:

1. Get started immediately instead of researching further.

If you have a goal, don’t research for weeks on end or wait until “everything’s perfect” to pursue it. Gather enough information to make an informed decision and take action. Keep learning along the way and adjust as necessary.

2. Be tenacious; endure the joy of discipline.

Adhering to your business guidelines such as a defined work schedule, a project process, and a marketing plan will help your business grow.

3. Wealthy freelancers design a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Despite the hardships and stresses, directly controlling your career will improve your quality of life. The rewards make the journey worthwhile.

If you’d like to gather pages of inspiration and action items about improving the state of your business, I recommend checking this book out.

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