H. Theresa Wright, Founder and Director of Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc.

Leslie is extraordinarily skilled, creative, intuitive, and patient. She spent a lot of time and energy making my website express what my practice is and does. When there were errors or problems she fixed them promptly. Her whole attitude was comfortable, safe, reassuring, and cooperative. She is a consummate professional.


Marita Keppel, Organizer for Northwest Rheumatism Society

“I help organize a regional meeting for rheumatologists in the Pacific Northwest (including Vancouver, BC) and our organization has not had any online presence until this year.

After checking several online vendors, I decided to send an inquiry to Leslie at Bourke Design.

I’m glad Leslie was the first web developer I contacted because everything worked out perfectly after I sent my online inquiry.

Leslie was very prompt in answering questions and making suggestions/edits to the website and went out of her way to resolve issues we had. She even had suggestions on how we could cut costs!

Our members are very happy with the website, and it has immensely reduced the amount of work organizers have to do on the backend.

I would highly recommend Bourke Design to anyone who has similar needs.”


Heidi Dodge, Principal / Executive Director at CLASS ACADEMY

“Leslie was so easy to work with! I’m still getting compliments from parents on how good our new website looks and how user-friendly it is! Hiring her was such a good decision. I’ll definitely continue to work with her!”


Stuart Sandler, Photographer

“Leslie made my website upgrade a very painless process. I did a show last week and have had a number of inquiries; now I have a website I can feel good about sending them.”


Mahesh Mohan, Copywriter at Enlighten Writing

“It can be a challenge for copywriters and content strategists to visually represent their projects. I’ve certainly struggled with it. Enter Leslie Bourke, a WordPress magician with flawless attention to detail. She not only redesigned my portfolio, but she reconceptualized it. She also implemented site-wide improvements so every page loaded faster than before. She communicated clearly from the project’s beginning to its end, and met every deadline with grace and professionalism. I will reach out to her in the future for site updates and upgrades. My website is stronger because of her exceptional work.”


Corabel Shofner, Author

“Leslie Bourke is the world’s best web designer. She creates sophisticated corporate sites, yet managed to reach into the whimsy bag and make one for me that is — me.”


Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders, UNC at Chapel Hill

“Leslie Bourke is such a responsive web designer. She has a unique ability to listen to what you imagine your future site to look like, to draw from features you find desirable on other sites, and to inject her own creativity into the process. She works with you to achieve the effect that you imagined…and more. Working with her was a collaborative and iterative process. It doesn’t matter where you are located, she uses technology to your advantage to come up with the perfect solution. Her websites are attractive, effective, modern, and efficient. They draw viewers in and are easily updatable. Five stars for superb products.”


Christina Loescher, Professional Organizer at I.D. Organizing

“After weeks of searching, and talking numbers with numerous web designers, I was thrilled to have found Leslie! I could tell from the web page that her design style would mesh well with mine, but I was most concerned about having a designer who would listen to my ideas, answer all my questions and fit into my budget. Bourke Design did that and more!

Leslie was willing to work on my time line and taught me everything I needed to know about running my site. Any questions I had were answered with dignity and respect; she always made me feel like my business, and the site, were of utmost importance. I knew nothing about web design going into this venture and things were laid out for me very clearly. The end product was far better than the vision I had and her services were well worth the money!

My decision to use a professional designer, as opposed to a template, was the best choice I could have made to help market my business. I highly recommend Leslie Bourke to anyone looking to create a current and eye-catching site!”


Chris Dawkins, Principal Real Estate Broker at The Dawkins Group

“Leslie is personable, creative, detail-oriented, timely, and produces excellent work. I’ve hired Leslie for logo designs, custom business cards, and multiple web sites. For each job she asks a series of thoughtful questions to determine what type of look and feel I’m going for, what I want to convey.

For logos, she presented 3 options for each job, and I had a difficult time deciding between the 3…they were all so good. She took my logo and head shot and created outstanding business cards for me and my team members. I get comments nearly every time I give one out. Like the logo work, Leslie typically presents me with more than one option for website look and feel. Once we get that nailed down, she creates wire frames for each of the page layouts. Right now I owe her a fair bit of copy and content to complete my custom web site.

If you need graphic/web design work, call Leslie. She’s great to work with, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.”


Becky Neuman, Executive Assistant at Zuelke & Associates

“Working with Leslie makes my life so much easier. I know that if I need a change or addition to my website she is only an email or phone call away. Leslie is very quick to respond to my requests and has the updates completed in a very timely fashion. She is always very helpful and accommodating.”


Richard Sayers, Director of Marketing at Peak Solutions

“We hired Leslie in the past to overhaul our company website, and we recently used her again for SEO optimization. We saw an increase in inbound calls and website traffic immediately.

Leslie runs a top-notch business. One of the things I appreciate the most, is how clear her proposals are in terms of what we are getting, what she needs from us to accomplish it, and the exact timeline it will unfold by.

A story to this point: A good friend of mine works for a large SEO optimization firm, so I showed her the proposal and timeline that I got from Bourke Design to see what she thought. She said that not only was Leslie’s quote very competitive, but she was so impressed with the razor sharp style, clarity, and professionalism of Leslie’s proposal, that she shared it with a superior who was likewise impressed and recommended that they implement a similar format in their organization.”


Mark Wilson, Insurance Broker at Insurance Partners

“Leslie was hired to design our website and did an excellent job. We most appreciate her ability to take our broad concepts and apply them to a functional and attractive design. Throughout the process she was professional, attentive to detail, and easy to work with.”


Jeanette Grimaldi, Director at SEEL Portland

“When we came to Leslie, the only thing that we knew was that we wanted a website for our organization. We had no vision, no concept, and no background knowledge of how to maintain a site. Through a series of thoughtful, pertinent questions, Leslie zoned in on exactly the mission, mood, atmosphere, and aesthetic of our organization. Because of Leslie, the look of our website conveys perfectly what we are about; since our website has been posted, more people have contacted us with inquiries, and have decided to participate in our classes and retreats. Moreover, Leslie made available a video as well as a manual so that I can maintain the website on my own – yet she responds immediately to any email requests I have for assistance. Leslie is a consummate professional and a true artist. My team and I recommend her most highly.”


Jeremy Curtis, VP/Partner at Corporate Health Partners

“Leslie’s team did a masterful job of totally reconstructing our website into a storefront and communication engine that we are extremely proud of. The best indicator that the site was what we intended is the continuous praise we receive from health & wellness industry partners and potential clients from all over the country, not just our region.

Leslie’s team also went the extra mile to give us a detailed, yet simple to follow report on how the site works and can be edited, step-by-step. I would highly recommend Bourke Design.”


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