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2018: The Year In Review

One of my New Year’s rituals is reading the past twelve months of entries in my victory journal. This year’s review reminds me of some notable accomplishments.  Read more

2014: The Year in Review

My life in 2014 was both enjoyable and productive. I progressed through a steady flow of web design projects, traveled to memorable destinations, and devoted energy to important personal pursuits.

10 Tips for a Successful Website

All websites have a lifespan. After your site launches, it ideally promotes your brand, helps customers find you, and generates new business. In the ensuing years, your business may evolve. Web development techniques will advance. What was impressive and cutting-edge will grow outdated. Eventually, your website will no longer meet your needs. If this applies Read more

3 Steps to Finding a Web Designer

You evaluated your old website, set goals for a new site, and developed a redesign strategy. Maybe you’ve started writing your website copy and gathering photos. Now’s the time to partner with a web designer. If you don’t already know and trust one, where should you begin?