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2016: The Year in Review

Because of some professional and personal accomplishments, 2016 was a satisfying year for me.

As the owner of Bourke Design, I designed and developed websites for five great clients, including Renaissance Nutrition Center, Northwest Rheumatism Society, Inside Nashville with Tom Moran, Medical Doctors Union, and Flying Fish Company. Website maintenance tasks kept me busy as well. I completed major updates on the following sites: Culinary Trust, Fresh & Wild, CLASS Academy, Enlighten Writing, Right Angle Construction, Corabel Shofner, and Oregon Integrated Health.

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2015: The Year in Review

It’s easy for 12 months to fly by without taking much note, so in January I strive to reflect on the past year’s victories.

In 2015, I worked with a diverse set of clients. My achievements running Bourke Design include: launching websites for J. Fanelli Properties, IM Health, The Dawkins Group, and Stuart Sandler Photography; performing significant development work for many businesses, including Zuelke & Associates, Yoga Pearl, Enlighten Writing, Right Angle Construction, Oregon Cosmetic and Reconstructive Clinic, and Equity Schools; and converting several of the above websites and my own to a responsive framework. I also made substantial progress on a website for Renaissance Nutrition Center, which will launch this spring. The site integrates WooCommerce and will allow owner Theresa Wright to sell books and audio files. In the area of branding and print design, I assisted Reed Kelly by designing impactful business cards for his new construction management company.

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2014: The Year in Review

My life in 2014 was both enjoyable and productive. I progressed through a steady flow of web design projects, traveled to memorable destinations, and devoted energy to important personal pursuits.

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Website Redesign Planning GuideAll websites have a lifespan. After your site launches, it ideally promotes your brand, helps customers find you, and generates new business. In the ensuing years, your business may evolve. Web development techniques will advance. What was impressive and cutting-edge will grow outdated. Eventually, your website will no longer meet your needs.

If this applies to you or your company, what should you do next?

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I love sifting through design inspiration sites, observing new trends, and noting great development techniques. This week I flagged five exemplary start-up websites. They all embrace the same format, yet have very different executions. In one vertically-long page, they convince you of the amazing benefits of their product.

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