Business Management Posts

Tracking Business Leads

Beyond keeping basic client records, it’s important to track and assess business leads. About a year ago, I researched several ways to accomplish this. I discovered the incredibly useful online app, Capsule.

Customer Relationship Management

Shortly after entering the business world, I learned the importance of detailed customer records. I worked at a financial advisory firm for about a year. Every day my co-workers and I depended on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software known as ACT. We recorded every single meeting, phone call, and email through this program. We Read more

Good to Great by Jim Collins

After combing through 40 years of data on over 1400 companies, Jim Collins and his team developed a list of companies that have produced extraordinary and sustained results. Collins published this list in his book Good to Great, along with further in-depth examination of the factors behind these successes. The 11 winning companies were: Abbott Read more

5 Online Invoicing Applications Reviewed

Some people would prefer to swallow staples than perform accounting work, but getting invoices out the door is an integral part of running a business. After researching some of the most popular online invoicing software, I’ve compared and contrasted five of them. If you have yet to find the perfect invoicing solution for your business, Read more