In case you’re new to the scene or unfamiliar with the inner workings behind sites, I’ve outlined some basics on website design and development. Topics include how a new site can attract customers, launch prerequisites, the process I follow, and functionality I typically install. The menu on the right serves as navigation. Still have questions? By all means, send them my way!


Benefits of a New Site

No matter what your line of business, your customers are inundated with choices. To compete in today’s marketplace, an intuitive website built with your business needs in mind is essential. Your site should showcase your unique product or services and persuade customers to choose your company. Customers don’t just need to know you exist, they need a compelling reason to conduct business with you. A tailor-made website plays an integral role in this equation and provides you with an important avenue of communication with your customers.

Instead of merely broadcasting your sales pitch via television or print ads, a website fosters two-way communication with your customers. You can collect feedback through comments on your blog, a contact form, and analytics. You can directly answer customers’ questions. This data and interaction can shape future business decisions and make your company more responsive to customers’ needs.

Visitors to your site immediately form an opinion on your company based on several factors. Users notice the visual impact of your site, how easy it is perform their desired tasks, and how recently the site content was updated. I can address each of these areas for you and make visiting your site a positive experience. You should be able to maintain your new site, and your customers will appreciate a well-designed, easy-to-navigate, and updated site.

If you don’t have a site, I can help you create an effective online presence. If you haven’t changed your site design in years, I can provide a modern design. Either way, I’d love to learn more about your design needs.

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