Logo Design & Business Cards Posts

To differentiate your company from the crowd, order a new logo and then display it on professional business cards.

Rustling Palms Studio Logo and Website

Leslie Young and Mike Browne are talented wood artists in Daytona Beach, Florida. As joint owners of Rustling Palms Studio, they create unique handcrafted pieces ranging from pens to kaleidoscopes (pictured above) to spice mills. They contacted Bourke Design because their previous website did not accurately reflect their business.  Read more

Microbiome Engineering Logo and Website

Microbiome Engineering researches environmental and human ecosystems from their laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon. The company hired Bourke Design to create visually-compelling branding and a one-page website. The new site introduces Microbiome Engineering’s persuasive logo, showcases their water quality biosensor, and details the team’s experiences. Read more

CleanFuture Logos and Website

CleanFuture offers clean transportation and energy consulting services to West Coast clients. One of their programs, entitled Pathway to Savings, rewards fleet owners and operators for using clean fuel. Expecting increased website traffic in the near future, the company partnered with Bourke Design to modernize their branding and website. Read more

GCS Logo and Website

Garage Containment Systems manufactures a unique drip containment mat that keeps homeowners’ garage floors clean and protected. Bourke Design worked with company owner Brad Wilson to create a logo and then build a website which sells the garage mat… Read more