Even Construction Website

Even Construction, founded by Marc Even, specializes in building floating homes for clients in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1997, the company has earned a reputation for the premiere quality of their unique work and the high level of service provided to customers. An engaging and intuitive website redesign by Bourke Design showcases the company‚Äôs Read more

Cascade Engineering Technologies

Cascade Engineering Website

Cascade Engineering Technologies is a contract manufacturing company in Oregon specializing in high-tech aerospace components. Their clients include major aerospace and defense companies across the United States. The company partnered with Bourke Design to launch a modern business website.  Read more

Aimsir Distilling

Aimsir Distilling Website

The Aimsir Distilling Company will soon open their new micro-distillery in Portland. The company owners are busy finalizing their product packaging, obtaining necessary licensing, and determining their tasting room location and details. As part of the pre-launch phase, Aimsir needed a website to showcase their story and unique products.  Read more

Lightbox Portland

Lightbox Portland Logo and Website

Lightbox Portland offers outstanding modern architecture with the best components and eco-friendly practices. With several projects in construction, owners Chris Dawkins and Brian Schmidt commissioned a logo and website by Bourke Design to market their business.  Read more