Cascade Engineering Website

Cascade Engineering Technologies is a contract manufacturing company in Oregon specializing in high-tech aerospace components. Their clients include major aerospace and defense companies across the United States. The company partnered with Bourke Design to launch a modern business website.  Read more

Aimsir Distilling

Aimsir Distilling Website

The Aimsir Distilling Company will soon open their new micro-distillery in Portland. The company owners are busy finalizing their product packaging, obtaining necessary licensing, and determining their tasting room location and details. As part of the pre-launch phase, Aimsir needed a website to showcase their story and unique products.  Read more

Lightbox Portland

Lightbox Portland Logo and Website

Lightbox Portland offers outstanding modern architecture with the best components and eco-friendly practices. With several projects in construction, owners Chris Dawkins and Brian Schmidt commissioned a logo and website by Bourke Design to market their business.  Read more