Health & Wellness Posts

Renaissance Nutrition Center Website

Theresa Wright, owner of Renaissance Nutrition Center in Pennsylvania, specializes in the treatment of food addiction and compulsive eating disorders. I partnered with Theresa to create a website revealing her as an expert in her field. Read more

Northwest Rheumatism Society Logo and Website

The Northwest Rheumatism Society hosts an annual conference for rheumatologists that rotates among Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. I created a website which advertises the conference, facilitates registration, and compiles attendees’ contact information.  Read more

Dr. Cynthia Bulik Website

Dr. Cynthia Bulik, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializes in eating disorder research and treatment. Collaborating with Dr. Bulik, I created a site which promotes her books, connects with audiences, and illustrates her background. Read more

Bell Sports Product Page

Coordinating with the Nemo Design team, I readied a dynamic product page for Bell Sports. The template, which will be used again for future product releases, promotes the release of the much-anticipated Gage Helmet. The layout incorporates product features, a promo video, and related Bell content. Read more