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3 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

Two weeks ago I attended WordCamp Seattle 2014. I found the session “Free And Low Cost Ways To Grow An Amazing Blog” the most inspiring. Kate Stull of Popforms presented both high-level ideas and specific actionable steps.

3 Steps to Better Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the ubiquitous tool in website traffic analysis. From measuring your site’s day-to-day visitor influx, to the most commonly-typed search engine keywords resulting in hits, or the most referenced content, Google has created a tool unsurpassed in its usefulness. Amazingly, it is free. Not all site owners, however, are taking full advantage of Read more

Defining Your Site Keywords: Recognizing Potential

A keyword research phase before site development ensures that your site will attract the most visits from your target audience. Even if your website is live, completing these steps will reveal phrases that can increase traffic upon incorporation. Here is an overview of the keyword-defining process that I’ve learned.