Productivity Posts

The 8-Hour Construct Reimagined

Magazine editor, Melissa Mesku, invited me to contribute to The New Worker, a digital magazine about coworking. My article, “The 8-Hour Construct Reimagined,” was published in the first issue today. I write about the American tendency to wear stress and exhaustion as status symbols. It’s time we reimagine the work week! Read the full article Read more

Portland’s Co-Working Spaces

A few months ago, I found myself weary of the same coffee shops. I searched for a new work environment. Combing through this wiki and other sites, I located several co-working and shared office spaces in Portland, OR. In case you’ve embarked on a similar quest, here are my findings. Prices updated September 3, 2014.

To-Do List Strategies

We all have them. To-do lists that seem never-ending. Marking off one action item somehow generates three more related tasks. I’ve often heard the advice, “First thing in the morning, complete the easiest item on your to-do list. The resulting sense of accomplishment will propel you through the rest of the list.” When fighting off Read more

Organizing Desk Cords

Computer, lamp, backup drive, router, any other peripherals. Together they create a deluge of cords, falling from your workspace to the power strip below. I recently wondered, is there any way to instill some order to this unsightly mess?