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Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum

Recently I was fortunate to visit a friend in Brussels and travel to surrounding cities, including Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, Paris, and Amsterdam. Of course, several art museums were on our itinerary. Of all those I visited, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was my favorite. Van Gogh’s artwork was displayed for the most part sequentially Read more

Wishing You Peace and Prosperity

My recent mailing to clients and associates featured hand-assembled cards. Along with my New Year’s wish, I included an updated version of last year’s post-its. These notes, with checkboxes down the side, are ready for 2013 resolutions. Or maybe today’s action items! Happy 2013!

Standout Business Cards

Distributing a unique business card will help prospective customers remember you. How many business cards did you receive at your last professional event? Did any stand out? Noting these cards’ distinct qualities will help you in your card revision process.

Wishing You a Noteworthy 2012

Instead of sending seasonal cards, this year I created a forward-looking message for clients. I packaged hand-stamped cards wishing them a noteworthy 2012 with branded sticky notes. The final product is pictured above.