5 Stunning Start-Up Websites

I love sifting through design inspiration sites, observing new trends, and noting great development techniques. This week I flagged five exemplary start-up websites. They all embrace the same format, yet have very different executions. In one vertically-long page, they convince you of the amazing benefits of their product.


1. Envoy

The Envoy website design suggests a modern entryway. When you initially scroll down, the iPad scales up and immediately captures attention. Horizontal movement on the device’s screen again catches one’s eye. The overall presentation makes it easy to envision using this app for visitor registration.


2. Shadow

The Shadow site starts and ends with an email newsletter subscription field. A majestic photo expands as you scroll down the page, and the clouds feel animated. The alternating red, black, and light grey backgrounds interact with the iPhone screen. Each section convinces the visitor to track their dreams with this app.


3. Readymag

When arriving on the Readymag site, a video immediately shows the online publishing tool in action. A Macbook appears on a textured gray background. After a parallax transition down, sample products and select icons are presented with a sense of depth. The interactive elements throughout the website entice the visitor to learn more.


4. Goldee

The Goldee website features subtle, pulsing animations to attract interaction. In the third section, the light controller appears on a vivid orange background. As you scroll, different product benefits slide onto stage, and the background color changes to corresponds with the time of day. Bullets appear below, revealing some of the product’s technical specifications.


5. Invision

On the Invision site, the top photo of a modern work environment establishes the setting. The headline and call-to-action button invite users to sign up for the collaboration software. Subsections illustrate product functionality with short animations. At the bottom of the page, testimonials from big name companies appear over respective client photos.

That’s a Wrap

The above websites engage the user and demonstrate product features in compelling ways. Because of the strategic and captivating designs, I’m interesting in discovering more about each product.

In the market for a website redesign? Compile a list of sites you admire, and note what you specifically like about these sites. Your web designer may be able to incorporate those aspects into your own project. Let me know what you find!

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