2017: The Year In Review

2017: The Year in Review

At the close of each December, I review some of the past year’s successes. This exercise provides me with valuable perspective, a positive outlook, and increased drive for the following year.

Luckily, a number of victories in 2017 kept me motivated. As the owner of Bourke Design, I designed and developed WordPress sites for some exceptional clients, such as Lightbox Portland, R A Kelly Construction, Maika Janat-Vennemann, MacKenzie Baker Illustration, and Right Lead Farm. I helped a dozen websites run smoothly and launched major updates for Columbia Anesthesia Group, Insurance Partners, Northwest Rheumatism Society, Bristle & Hue, and Corabel Shofner.  In addition, I completed some fulfilling identity work by designing logos for Garage Containment Systems, Northwest Rheumatism Society, Right Lead Farm, and Valley Verde Veterinarians. I also started the exciting project of redesigning my own website. The new Bourke Design site will premiere this spring.

As a web design professional, I consider continued education an essential part of my job. Luckily, WordCamp conferences offer dozens of relevant and informative sessions for designers, developers, and bloggers. I was grateful to attend both WordCamp Portland and WordCamp US. The latter was held in my hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. My parents were thrilled to have a visit from their favorite daughter!

Outside of work, I remained dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I learned combative moves in a self-defense class at Portland Community College, added strength training to my fitness regime with Body Pump, and subscribed to Les Mills on Demand workouts. I am addicted to the energy and music in Les Mills classes.

Roasty Soba Bowl

Often on the lookout for fresh, delicious vegan recipes, I discovered my new favorite chef, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Her outstanding cookbook, Isa Does It, introduced me to cashew-based cheeses and delicious, filling bowls. Yes please! When I am too tired to cook, it is easy to eat out as a vegetarian in Portland. In the fall, I started organizing a vegetarian meetup group which regularly visits the city’s plant-based restaurants. Through our events, members form friendships while exploring Portland’s thriving vegan scene.

Keats Therapy Visit

Twice a month, I continued to visit a memory care facility with my black, fluffy therapy cat. Keats is an excellent and patient therapist, and we love our interactions with the residents. For our amusement, Keats and I also became regulars at First Caturdays in Laurelhurst Park. This is a social gathering of cat lovers and their felines a few blocks away from my house. Yes, cat drama sometimes ensues.


The year was capped off with a couple of amazing trips. In February, my boyfriend and I visited the picturesque and snowy town of Sunriver. I tried snowshoeing (and disliked the trudging); but, I loved Sunriver Resort, along with their outdoor hot tubs and excellent restaurants. Lastly but certainly not least, my parents took my sister and me on a spectacular Italian cruise. Our boat traveled from Venice around Italy’s boot to Rome. What is better than spending time with family while visiting fantastic historic sites?

Looking back on 2017, I realize how extremely blessed I am. I hope to make my family, friends, and self proud in 2018.


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