In 2018, I was privileged to create beautiful websites for five clients, including a veterinary practice in Arizona, two Oregonian manufacturers, a renowned wood artist, and a gin and whiskey distillery. Between these launches, website maintenance and print work kept me busy. I completed major site updates for an inspirational author, a Pacific Northwest rheumatology organization, a seafood supplier, and a non-profit organization at PSU. Collaborating with people in an array of industries makes my job varied and fascinating. I also enjoy the brain-stimulating benefits of changing my environment, so I alternated between working from my home office and the co-working space Collective Agency Division.

In addition to client work, I committed to finishing my business site redesign. The new Bourke Design site premiered on July 25th and features refreshed page layouts, engaging high-resolution photos, and a revamped portfolio section. This website reflects my evolved design sensibilities and increased development skills.

In February, I submitted my Mom’s book, Kylie’s Ark: the Making of a Veterinarian, to Bookbub. We were thrilled when the ebook discovery site choose Kylie’s Ark for one their targeted promotions. It was featured on their site and in a newsletter sent to thousands of subscribers in the UK, Australia, India, and Canada. The promotion generated significant sales.

Back to Eden Reserved Table

Outside of the office, I’ve continued to organize events for my meetup group, PDX Veggie Ladies. We’ve doubled in size the past year with over 400 members currently. Based on the join requests I receive throughout the year, it feels like an increasing number of animal lovers are moving to Portland. Perhaps this is because of the impressive amount of planted-based establishments here. PDX Veggie Ladies supports many of them with our business. Some of our favorites restaurants in 2018 included Sweet Hereafter, DC Vegetarian, the Fatsquatch food cart, The Sudra, Canteen, Virtuous Pie, and Kati. I also hosted a fun happy hour potluck at Collective, which allowed attendees to sample over a dozen homemade and store-bought vegan cheeses.

Keats in Nashville

My personal love for animals originally started at home. In my elementary school yearbook, my classmates predicted that I would one day save an ark full of cats. That may still happen. I’ve lived with and loved two black cats, Keats and Byron, for the past fourteen years. 2018 was the last year I got to spend with my beloved and exceptional cat, Keats. In the fall of 2017, a Dove Lewis Animal Hospital cardiologist diagnosed him with heart disease. Thanks to her ongoing care, I was able to spend more time with him. Keats was a certified therapy cat with Pet Partners, and we continued our visits to a nearby memory care facility. We met some wonderful cat-loving residents. “He’s so soft,” they would exclaim as they stroked his fur. Keats took his rightful place in the spotlight when we appeared briefly on the local news. We were part of a KOIN news segment in late January which promoted Dove Lewis and their cardiology program.

Keats on Koin News

One of the best antidotes to sadness is physical activity. I’m thankful to Les Mills classes, both in person at 24 Hour Fitness and online, for keeping me healthy mentally and physically. My favorite formats include the sports-inspired Body Attack, low-weight and high-repetition Body Pump, and core-strengthening CXWorx.

Pina Colada on Half Moon Cay

In the realm of travel, I spent Christmas on an exciting Holland America cruise in the Caribbean.  My parents, sisters and their families were my travel companions. From snorkeling in St. Thomas, to touring the impressive forts of Puerto Rico, to sipping pina coladas on the beach of Half Moon Cay, we shared some incredibly memorable experiences.

I am grateful for all the victories of 2018, and I hope to have another fulfilling year ahead.

3 comments on “2018: The Year In Review

  1. Rory Bourke on

    Wow!! What a well-written & exciting year in review, showcasing all your
    adventuresome activities and business successes that have come your way….
    You’re amazing.

  2. Allyson Bourke on

    My very own sister: inspiring and inspired. You are always on a path toward growth, both personally and professionally. Here’s to a great 2019, and be sure to save some time to update my website this summer so I can start filling some stalls with some horses. (Or cats!)


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