2012: The Year in Review

Custom WordPress Themes 2012

Much like the previous year, my work in 2012 concentrated on web design and development. In some projects I was solely the designer, establishing the look and feel of a website (eg. the Bell Sports Product Page). In others, I focused on development and integrated functionality into static designs (eg. the Park Tread Site). The majority of my projects combined the two roles. For clients such as St. Luke School, Rodeowave Entertainment, and Dr. Cynthia Bulik, I designed and developed custom WordPress themes. These clean and modern themes provide my clients with professional, long-lasting designs and allow them to manage content on their sites.

Because of my diverse clientele, I was privileged to learn more about several areas. I now know more about marketing for fields such as primary education, the music business, and the publishing industry. In all my projects, I strived for an optimal user experience. My design work for a local custom product manufacturer, for example, revolved around creating a fluid and enjoyable shopping experience. Coordinating with the company owner, I created an intuitive checkout process. (This site will launch later this year.)

I continued to contract occasionally for Nemo Design. Projects like the Nike Athletic Training Digital Directive and the Nike Surfing Site kept my schedule interesting and varied. And the many Nemo antics (eg. Mimosa Fridays and a Kentucky Derby Celebration) are always entertaining.

Screen Printing and Jewelry 2012

Luckily I spent some necessary time away from my computer. I attended two conferences – WordCamp San Francisco and WordCamp Portland. The chance to mill about and learn from my fellow WordPress enthusiasts was really valuable. I also participated in two art classes – Screen Printing at the Multnomah Art Center and Jewelry Making at PCC. Getting away from my screen while still exploring art helped relieve some stress.

Hearst Castle 2012

I ventured on three memorable, just-for-fun trips – Hearst Castle (flew to San Francisco and then took the train to William Randolph Hearst’s former abode), Nashville (for my dad’s 70th birthday), and Gatlinburg (hiked to Laurel Falls with my parents and sister on Christmas Day).

The combination of work, continued education, and travel made 2012 an exciting and successful year.

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