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Improving Your Website’s Search Engine Rank

Most businesses want to improve their website’s search engine rank. To quickly increase visitors, you could invest in Google ads that would place your website at the top of result pages. Targeting your organic search engine ranking outside of ad placements, however, will produce more valuable, sustainable results.

Ideally, you’ll be starting with a well-designed, mobile-friendly website. After that, follow these guidelines for search engine success.

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WordCamp Seattle 2014

Two weeks ago I attended WordCamp Seattle 2014. I found the session “Free And Low Cost Ways To Grow An Amazing Blog” the most inspiring. Kate Stull of Popforms presented both high-level ideas and specific actionable steps.

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Website Redesign Planning GuideAll websites have a lifespan. After your site launches, it ideally promotes your brand, helps customers find you, and generates new business. In the ensuing years, your business may evolve. Web development techniques will advance. What was impressive and cutting-edge will grow outdated. Eventually, your website will no longer meet your needs.

If this applies to you or your company, what should you do next?

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2013: The Year in Review

Since starting a victory journal a year ago, it’s been easy to review my successes and remain motivated. In 2013, I partnered with a diverse set of clients, connected with other designers, developers, and entrepreneurs, and remained dedicated to personal and professional development.

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Google Analytics is the ubiquitous tool in website traffic analysis. From measuring your site’s day-to-day visitor influx, to the most commonly-typed search engine keywords resulting in hits, or the most referenced content, Google has created a tool unsurpassed in its usefulness. Amazingly, it is free. Not all site owners, however, are taking full advantage of the product features. Beyond installing the tracking code, you must set up goals within Google Analytics to harness its full potential. Goals enable you to go beyond counting visits to tracking your site objectives. Luckily, if you have yet to incorporate goals, they are fairly simply to add.

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