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Improving Your Website’s Search Engine Rank

Most businesses want to improve their website’s search engine rank. To quickly increase visitors, you could invest in Google ads that would place your website at the top of result pages. Targeting your organic search engine ranking outside of ad placements, however, will produce more valuable, sustainable results.

Ideally, you’ll be starting with a well-designed, mobile-friendly website. After that, follow these guidelines for search engine success.

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Kylie's Ark: The Making of a VeterinarianAs the youngest of three daughters by six years, I had a different mom from my sisters. She was the same person, but while I was growing up Rita Welty Bourke evolved from a stay-at-home mom to tireless writer. When I was in middle school, she converted the guest room to a writing office. She donated the full-size bed and replaced it with a desk, a PC, and two brimming bookshelves. My mom set to work creating unique and interesting stories that only she could tell.

Family members (aka my dad and I) would often burst into her office with questions like, “Have you seen my shoes?” She soon placed a “do not disturb” sign on the door knob.

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Effective Book Covers

The ongoing development of print-on-demand and e-book technologies has transformed the publication industry into an exciting modern field. If you are a writer with a soon-to-be-published manuscript, you likely have a long checklist to ready your work for the public.

After ensuring your writing is excellent, engaging, and valuable to your target audience, you should carefully consider your book cover. How will it be produced? The quality of your book cover design can determine the level of your publication’s success. Successful authors know that presentation matters. Effective book covers not only attract readers’ attention, but they also convey, accurately or inaccurately, the quality of work within.

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WordCamp Seattle 2014

Two weeks ago I attended WordCamp Seattle 2014. I found the session “Free And Low Cost Ways To Grow An Amazing Blog” the most inspiring. Kate Stull of Popforms presented both high-level ideas and specific actionable steps.

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Capsule CRM Software

Beyond keeping basic client records, it’s important to track and assess business leads. About a year ago, I researched several ways to accomplish this. I discovered the incredibly useful online app, Capsule.

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