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New Worker Magazine

Magazine editor, Melissa Mesku, invited me to contribute to The New Worker, a digital magazine about coworking. My article, “The 8-Hour Construct Reimagined,” was published in the first issue today. I write about the American tendency to wear stress and exhaustion as status symbols. It’s time we reimagine the work week!

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Action Items Notepad

We all have them. To-do lists that seem never-ending. Marking off one action item somehow generates three more related tasks.

I’ve often heard the advice, “First thing in the morning, complete the easiest item on your to-do list. The resulting sense of accomplishment will propel you through the rest of the list.” When fighting off that morning fog, this advice may feel like the best course of action. I suggest trying the opposite approach for a few days.

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Capsule CRM Software

Beyond keeping basic client records, it’s important to track and assess business leads. About a year ago, I researched several ways to accomplish this. I discovered the incredibly useful online app, Capsule.

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Shortly after entering the business world, I learned the importance of detailed customer records. I worked at a financial advisory firm for about a year. Every day my co-workers and I depended on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software known as ACT. We recorded every single meeting, phone call, and email through this program. We scheduled reminders to get in touch with clients in 6-month or annual intervals.

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The Wealthy FreelancerWhether you call yourself a freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur, you’ll likely find some useful information in the recent book, The Wealthy Freelancer. Authors Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia, and Pete Savage detail abundant strategies for improving the profitability of a solo business.

When embarking on the freelance career, many revel in the freedom and flexibility offered by the lifestyle. You are your own boss, so passion and self-initiative drive your everyday schedule. You control the types of projects your company accepts. Achieving the highly-sought-after “work-life balance” is much easier.

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