Types of Sites

The type of site you need depends on your business and the amount of time you can devote to updating your content.


Generally the more time you can spend on creating new content the better, but for business owners with little time and resources, a brochure format may suit your needs. Static content will detail your company’s services and background and give visitors a way to contact you. The other three site formats are updated more frequently to reflect company developments and communicate with site visitors.


These sites detail the company services and history and regularly provide new content, such as press releases, news entries, or blog posts.


If you’d like to promote an album, movie, or game, you’ll need an entertainment site. These sites often incorporate music and video.


These sites sell products or services. On these sites, companies persuade customers to do business with them, and they provide easy shopping cart and check-out experiences.

Your site may fit into one format, or it may be a combination of the above. No matter what the genre, I look forward to discussing your site goals and structure.

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