Process Overview

Not sure what to expect? Here’s an overview of the process I follow when building or redesigning a site. These steps ensure we fulfill your goals. The process gives you the opportunity to review the project at multiple points and prevent any surprises at launch.


A thoughtful and unhurried discovery phase is a prerequisite to meeting your site goals. We will discuss your project objectives, your target audience, and your ideal site perception. We’ll determine details such as the site structure, the source of assets, and the project schedule. The result of this phase will be a thorough project plan that I will compose. Once you’ve approved this plan, we can advance to the design stage.


After we’ve gathered any necessary assets, I will apply what we’ve learned from the discovery phase. I will design and present a home page comp which aligns with your ideal site perception and speaks to your target audience. After you’ve approved this page, I’ll extend the design to the other site pages. The design phase concludes when we’ve agreed upon the overall site design. Next up: development.


Here’s where your site comes to life. Complying with today’s standards, I will use HTML, CSS, and PHP to construct your site. I will install and integrate WordPressOpen-source web software, used by 16.7% of all websites, that allows you to edit the text and images on your site. so that you can easily update your site and keep your content relevant. I will build any interactive elements we’ve outlined in the discovery stage. To confirm that your site looks and behaves the same way for a wide range of users, we’ll proceed to QA.


During QA, I will test the site locally and then upload your site to a staging server for review. I will verify that your site is optimized for the most recent versions of popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. You’ll have the opportunity to review this working version. After your approval, we’ll launch the site.


It’s time to introduce your site to the world. I will move the files to a public directory on the server and ensure the site behaves as it did on the staging server. Now it’s time to let everyone know you’ve launched a site.

You have a variety of options for getting the word out. You can announce the launch on various social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. You can email colleagues. When speaking at an industry event, you can refer listeners to your recently updated site. If you have a new url, make sure to update any company print materials, your email signature, your online profiles, and anywhere else your url is listed.

If you don’t have time to submit your site to search engines and business directories, I’m happy to offer this service as well.


You might think the work is over after launch, but the best websites give people a reason to revisit. Fresh content encourages customers to stay in touch with your company. Head over to Managing Your Site to learn more about maintenance and to familiarize yourself with some of the development tools I commonly implement.

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