Managing Your Site

Websites Need to Be Updated

Though it requires an investment of time and energy, I encourage clients to update their sites at least every couple weeks. If the most recent news entry is several months old, you may be inadvertently conveying a sense of carelessness. New content, on the other hand, reflects your dedication to your business and your desire to keep the lines of communication with your audience open.

WordPress: From a Client Perspective

WordPress is my CMS of choice since it is user-friendly and accommodates many different types of sites. Because of the active and vibrant user community, many helpful resources are available. The WordPress Codex and my Web Development posts are great places to start.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing free tool which collects online traffic data. I install Analytics on all my sites.

To login to your Analytics account, go to Click “Access Analytics” and use your Google email address and password to login. Click “View report” next to your site address.

When you access your report, you can analyze stats such as the number of visitors, how they arrived on your site, the average amount of time spent on the site, where visitors are from geographically, and the pages they are visiting the most. Keeping an eye on your Analytics allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can monitor the number of visitors and their sources after initiatives such as a redesign, an email campaign, or a print promotion. The resulting insights can inform your future marketing decisions and make you a smarter business owner.

Backing It All Up

Backing up your site is essential. In the rare instance where data is lost, you may need to restore a previous site version. I use the UpdraftPlus Plugin to backup files and databases to an offsite location (I prefer DropBox) on a weekly basis.

Security Plugins

To protect your site from hackers and malicious scripts, I install security plugins on all the sites I develop. These include: Akismet, Login Lock, WordPress File Monitor, and WordPress Firewall 2. Security plugins are easy to add and will help us both sleep better at night.

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